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1. Services Offered and Pricing:

  • We offer 15-minute ice baths for pay-per-session rates or an ‘unlimited membership’, allowing 31 sessions a month for up to one session per day.

  • Contrast therapy sessions are available for 45 minutes at a pay-per-session rate or for a membership including up to 8 sessions per month.

  • Existing Evolve gym members receive discounted rates on both drop-in sessions and memberships.

  • Members of either service are eligible for discounted drop-in rates for the other service.

  • IV therapy is not included in any membership package.


2. Membership Policies:

  • Upon enrolling in a membership plan, you agree to automatic monthly renewals unless you cancel by providing us 30 days notice or the Agreement is terminated by us. 

  • Monthly membership fees will be charged to you on a recurring basis, and in exchange, a set number of credits will be credited to your account each month that can be redeemed for services.

  • The specific amount of your monthly membership fees and the number of appointment sessions allocated will be outlined in your membership plan. 

  • There are no sign-up fees or any other subsequent hidden fees. 

  • Memberships are non-transferrable.

  • Membership payments can be paused for up to 30 days upon request.

  • Members can choose to bring a guest for a discounted drop-in rate. 

  • Memberships will be automatically billed monthly using the credit card provided on file by the Member. 

  • By signing up as a member you are agreeing to these terms. 

  • If you cancel before 30 days it will result in a penalty fee of $100 charged to your account. This is to protect the integrity of our memberships and the value pricing being provided by Reset. 

  • Once you have provided your notice of cancellation, you will continue to have the right to redeem any unused credits associated with your account through the end of your final billing cycle.

  • We reserve the right to increase the price for memberships annually. We will use reasonable efforts to provide you with a written notice of a membership price increase at least 60 days prior to any price increase taking effect. 

  • We may occasionally need to close various pieces of equipment for repair or maintenance. While equipment is closed for repair or maintenance, you will not be entitled to a credit or refund during this time.

  • We do not provide refunds on memberships or packages purchased. Our policy of not accepting refunds is due to the nature of the services we provide. We offer access to facilities, equipment, and services that are costly to maintain and require ongoing expenses. Therefore, we are unable to offer refunds for memberships or packages, as we have already incurred costs in providing these services. We encourage you to carefully review our membership and package options before making a purchase.


3. Guest Guidelines:

  • Guests must shower before each service to minimize contaminants in the water.

  • Guests must towel dry as much as possible in between contrast therapy to minimize sweat from the sauna when returning to the cold bath. 

  • Towels and robes must be left in their respective rooms after each service.

  • Guests feeling dizzy or lightheaded in the sauna should step out immediately and consult with their doctor.

  • Guests feeling any serious discomfort or loss of consciousness should step out of the bath immediately.

  • Please respect time limits and be courteous to other guests when staying within your allotted appointment time. Going over the allotted time repeatedly will not be tolerated and fees may be incurred. 

  • While we will make every effort to accommodate late arrivals, we cannot guarantee full appointment times if there is a subsequent appointment scheduled.

  • All sessions have a strict end time and guests exceeding their appointment time beyond 5 minutes repeatedly must agree to a late checkout fee of $15. - This policy is in place to make sure our subsequent appointments run on schedule and provide us with the time needed to clean the room properly before the next appointment.


4. Health and Safety:

  • Guests with underlying heart conditions should not partake in our services.

  • Please consult with your doctor to determine if cold therapy and sauna usage are suitable for you.

  • Please use and / or bring appropriate footwear to help avoid slipping on wet floors.

  • Contraindications for water-based treatments include fear of water, open wounds, bladder or bowel disorders, skin diseases and high fever.

  • As with any therapy, consulting with a healthcare professional is advisable, particularly if you have any medical conditions or concerns.


5. Payment and Booking:

  • Guests can choose their preferred payment start date.

  • Introductory prices are time-sensitive as specified.

  • We strongly encourage pre-booking all appointments to ensure access to specific services 

  • Guests can pre-book appointments up to one week in advance.

  • We do accept walk-ins for most services. 

  • There is no minimum guarantee on the number of services received monthly; availability is based on appointment slots.

  • You can book your visit online using our website, book in person, or by calling our team directly. 

  • Full service fee still applies to late arrivals and missed time will not be discounted. 


6. Cancellation and No-Show Policy 

  • Cancellation Policy: We require at least 24 hours notice prior for any cancellations or rescheduled appointments to be courteous to our team and other clients.

  • No-Show Policy: If you fail to attend your scheduled appointment without providing any prior notification, it will be considered as a no-show after 15 minutes. 

  • On a package or membership the session will be lost. 

  • Any guest with three or more no-shows may be required to pre-pay for any future appointments.

  • We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in adhering to our cancellation and no-show policy. This policy allows us to serve all of our clients efficiently and effectively. 


7. Loss / Damage of Property:

  • We cannot be held liable for any incidents of disappearance, loss, theft, or damage to personal property brought to or within the premises of Reset or Evolve, including the parking lot. It is advised to leave your valuables at home.

  • Using our equipment for its unintended use may result in damage of our equipment, and subsequent damage fees may be charged to you depending on the situation.


8. Minors

  • Guests under the age of 16 years old are not permitted for services at Reset Hydrotherapy. 

  • If you are 16 or 17, then you may be eligible to receive services provided your parent or legal guardian co-signs your Agreement (and consents to these Terms) and takes primary responsibility for all billing matters related to your account. 

  • Only guests 18 years or older to be eligible for the IV drip or vitamin injection therapy.


9. Intellectual Property and Privacy:

  • All logos and intellectual property are owned by Reset Hydrotherapy Inc. and cannot be reproduced without expressed written consent.

  • Respect others' privacy regarding photos and videos in group rooms.

  • Customer data will be encrypted and secured, never shared, and used internally only for managing client bookings.

10. Additional Charges and Disputes:

  • A $50 fee will be charged to your account for any robes and towels not returned after your appointment.

  • Any disputes can be brought to staff or sent to


11. Right to Deny Services:

  • There may be instances where we need to deny services to protect the safety, well-being, or interests of our clients, staff, or business.

Reasons for Denial of Services can include but are not limited to:

  • Failure to comply with Reset’s policies and procedures

  • Engaging in disruptive, harassing, or violent behavior

  • Providing false or misleading information

  • Causing damage to property or equipment

  • Any other behavior that Reset Hydrotherapy deems to be unacceptable


12. Agreement to Terms:

  • By partaking in our services, you agree to these terms and conditions, which remain in effect for the duration of your time using our services.

  • We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time and will provide due notice when doing so.

  • We are not liable for any injuries or personal liabilities incurred by you while using our services.

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